Yellowstone Season 4 Meme

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Saddle up, Yellowstone fans—the Dutton family drama isn’t over yet. The series, which centers on the dysfunctional Duttons and their massive Montana cattle ranch, is set to return this Sunday, so there’s plenty more to look forward to. In fact, Paramount+ will also be expanding the Yellowstone universe with two brand new shows—one prequel, one spinoff—in the works.

In September, the show shared a video with the first tantilizing hints at what could be ahead for the Dutton crew.

“The retaliation that those who wronged the Duttons are facing is one of incomparable scale,” says actress Jen Landon, who plays ranch hand Teeter. Hauser had a slightly more succinct (and NSFW) take: “Everybody’s gonna get f^^^ed up.”

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Yellowstone Season 4 Meme

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