Wow Crazy You Crazy Girl | TikTok Original

About the audio: Wow Crazy You Crazy Girl is a new viral TikTok audio. Women are roasting their basic habits and embracing the hilarious “Wow, crazy, you crazy girl” TikTok trend.

The sound is of a woman saying “Wow. Crazy. You crazy girl.” There are a couple versions of the audio circulating, and its simplicity means it can be applied to a variety of sincere or sarcastic TikToks. Most people chose sarcastic.

The sound originally came from Maggie Stetson on March 31, as a stitch with a woman, Nicole Elizabeth, who filmed herself eating a Taco Bell chicken burrito in her car. She starts off by saying, “I might regret doing this but I’m going to try dipping my chicken burrito in the nacho cheese for my nacho fries.” That prompted Stetson to reply, “Wow. Crazy. You crazy girl.”

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