Wine Cheese Face Meme

Best trending Wine Cheese Face Meme. The internet has exploded with memes following the release of an image exposing a cheese and wine gathering at Downing Street.

On Friday, May 15, while the rest of us were socially distancing and only meeting up with one member from another household in an outside environment, Johnson and up to 17 other MPs took part in a cheese and wine gathering – sorry, ‘business meeting’ – in Downing Street’s garden.

Since an image was released that exposed the British Prime Minister, his wife, and a series of other politicians allegedly breaking coronavirus regulations, the internet has taken great joy in making as many memes as possible.

From Dominic Raab claiming that it must have been a business meeting because they were wearing suits, to contradicting himself in the space of a three-minute interview, people have flooded to social media to try and make light of what is really a very dire situation, with it being alleged that MPs hosted not just one, but a whole series of parties.

Checkout the memes below

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Wine Cheese Face Meme

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