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Best trending Testicle Tanning Meme. This meme trend came few days ago and is now flooded over social media.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has recently come out with a new special titled The End of Men, in which Carlson bemoans the lack of “manly” men in today’s society and apparently wants to bring back an era of shirtless, hunky dudes.

The trailer for the special struck many as suspiciously homoerotic, but one image stood out: a naked man standing on some rocks in front of some device that was shining a light on his genitals.

This, it turns out, is the practice of “testicular tanning,” in which men place their testicles under infrared lighting in order to supposedly boost testosterone levels. In the special, Carlson interviews “fitness professional” Andrew McGovern, who describes testicle tanning as a sort of “bromeopathic” therapy.

“It’s testicle tanning,” said McGovern, “but it’s also full body red light therapy, which has a massive amount of benefits. And there’s so much data out there, that isn’t being picked up on or covered.”

“So, obviously, half the viewers right now are like ‘What?! Testicle tanning, that’s crazy!'” said Carlson, “but my view is, OK, testosterone levels have crashed and nobody says anything about it, that’s crazy, so why is it crazy to seek solutions?”

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Testicle Tanning Meme

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