Steve Harrington Are You Kidding Me – Millie Bobby Brown

Steve Harrington Are You Kidding Me

Millie Bobby Brown has said she blushes every time she sees her Stranger Things co-star Joe Keery.

Speaking last month at the world premiere of the Netflix hit’s fourth season, Brown was asked: “[Who has] better hair, Eddie Munson or Steve Harrington?”

Without pause, Brown giddily responded: “Steve Harrington, are you kidding me? I blush every time Joe [comes in].”

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Heavy metal connoisseur Eddie Munson, played by Joe Quinn, sports tufts of tight curls in the show, while Keery’s high school heart throb Steve Harrington is famed for his gravity-defying mop.

It’s been a press junket-heavy few weeks for Brown, who recently revealed she has no idea how old her character Eleven actually is. 

Chatting to journalists alongside co-star Noah Schnapp in Brazil, she was asked to confirm Eleven’s age.

Turning to Schnapp, Brown said: “I don’t know how old Eleven is. I feel like we should know that. We should definitely ask someone how old our characters are.”

Noah, 17, then suggested that the characters are around their age – but the interviewer was quick to correct them and revealed to Millie, 18, that Eleven is in fact 14-years-old.

Shocked by the revelation, the pair said in unison, “Eleven is 14?”