Steak and BJ Day Meme 2022

Steak and BJ Day Meme

Best trending Steak and BJ Day Meme. This meme trend came few days ago and is now flooded over social media.

Whenever mid-March rolls around, a bunch of dudes on the internet make noise about the prime rib and oral sex to which they’re entitled (because they didn’t complain that much on Valentine’s Day). March 14 is “Steak and a BJ Day,” and it exists because, apparently, telling your girlfriend to make you a sandwich gets old after a while. Basically, it’s a lame joke gone viral.

It’s unclear what percentage of these guys are serious about the occasion, whether anyone has ever actually observed it, and how fellatio-deprived anyone insisting on obligatory blowjobs must be. But by and large, the holiday exists to prompt workplace arguments or cringe-y remarks about relationships, gender inequality, and—why not!—cancer.

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Steak and BJ Day Meme

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