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Space Jam is a 1996 children’s live-action / animated comedy film starring the legendary retired NBA athlete Michael Jordan and iconic characters from the classic cartoon series Looney Tunes.

In the real world, basketball star Michael Jordan has given up basketball for baseball, but finds he isn’t a talented baseball player. In the world of Looney Toons, the Toons are in danger of being taken over by a group of criminal aliens. Because the aliens seem small and unathletic, the Toons challenge them to a game of basketball for their freedom, but the aliens steal the talent of famous basketball players to become large and athletic.

The Toons then kidnap Jordan and convince him to play on their team. Basketball season in the real world comes to a halt because players fear their talent will disappear as well. The game begins, and after an initial slump the Toons hold their own.

Jordan strikes a deal that if the Toons win, the aliens will give back their stolen talent, and even if they lose they will kidnap him instead of the Toons. The Toons begin to lose badly, and lose players to injuries, so that an alternate must be called in (Bill Murray). In the end the Toons win, Jordan returns home and decides to return to baseball.

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Space Jam 2 Cast Lui Meme

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