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Sigma Males refers to a supposed classification for men who are successful and popular, but also silent and rebellious, a type of man who likes to “play by his own rules.”

In most analyses, they are considered “equal” to Alphas on the hierarchy but live outside of the hierarchy by choice. John Wick has often been cited as a popular example of a Sigma Male.

The term “Sigma Males” has been attributed to writer Vox Day, aka Theodore Robert Beale, a self-described Christian nationalist. On his blog, he often goes into detail explaining the hierarchy of males using the greek alphabet.

On May 16th, 2010, he published, “Explaining sigma. Again,” in which he wrote that the “sigma” is not just a social outcast, but a person who despite being a supposed social outcast “wins” at the social game

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Sigma Male Meme

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