Samjhi Baschu Chords

We bring you the song’s Samjhi Baschu Chords sung by 1974 AD.

Difficulty: intermediate
Tuning: E A D G B E

Samjhi Baschu Chords

Eadd9: 001520
F#m: 002440
G#m: 004660
A: 006775
E             Eadd9
Samjhi Baschu,Kata Kata
F#m             G#m
Yo sanjh ko Manda raat ma
A             C              B        B7*
Kaaaati Dherai Timilai matrai timilai.
Timilai nai
Eadd9     F#m        G#m          A
B                          A
Every time I look at star,I see your Smiling Face
B                          A
Try so hard to work it out But everything is out of place
Just lend me your photograph
and the day is telling apart
B                                E
Just Tell me...We'll meet again
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