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Best trending Rishi Sunak Memes . This meme trend came few days ago and is now flooded over social media.

Rishi Sunak is making his Spring Statement today.

The statement, one of two financial statements the chancellor makes a year, is expected to announce measures addressing the cost of living crisis, including cutting fuel duty, and he is also expected to announce increases in national insurance to fund healthcare – a controversial move that has been slammed by Labour.

Politics aside naturally, Sunak took advantage of the photo op…op last night and posted a snap of him prepping for his speech.

“Delivering greater economic security for our people, accelerating growth and productivity, and making sure the proceeds of that growth are shared fairly,” he said alongside the pic which showed him leaning over sheets of paper.

“That is not the work of anyone statement. But that work begins tomorrow. The Spring Statement starts at 12.30.”

Sunak was immediately ridiculed for the snap and people came up with a number of savage memes with many questioning if the work begins “tomorrow” what on earth have the Tories been doing for the 12 years that they have been in power?

Checkout the memes below

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Rishi Sunak Memes

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