Riddle Me This Batman Meme

Best trending Riddle Me This Batman Meme. This meme trend came few days ago and is now flooded over social media.

Riddle Me This, Batman is a catchphrase often used by DC Comics villain and Batman’s enemy The Riddler to preface his riddles.

The phrase has since become source material for memes in which The Riddler asks Batman various riddles referencing memes and popular culture, with the format achieving major virality following the release of the 2022 film The Batman starring Robert Pattinson.

“Riddle me this” is a catchphrase that Batman’s enemy Riddler often prefaces his riddles with for the hero or another person. The catchphrase was popularized by the 1966 television series The Batman, in which The Riddler, played by actor Frank Gorshin, often used the phrase.

The expression was cemented in popular culture after the 1995 film Batman Forever, in which The Riddler, portrayed by actor Jim Carey, said, “Riddle me this, riddle me that.” The phrase “riddle me this” appeared in multiple Batman comics, cartoons, video games and other media since then.

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Riddle Me This Batman Meme

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