Olivia Rodrigo and Taehyung Meme | Grammy 2022

Best trending Olivia Rodrigo and Taehyung. This meme trend came few days ago and is now flooded over social media.

BTS‘ performance at the Grammys kicked off with band member Kim Tae-hyung, aka V, sitting next to Olivia Rodrigo in the audience and fans can’t stop talking about the moment.

V was seen whispering something into Olivia‘s ear at the beginning of the performance and fans want to know what he said!

“I NEED TO KNOW WHAT KIM TAEHYUNG SAID TO OLIVIA,” one fan tweeted. Another said, “The entire World is talking about Kim Taehyung and Olivia Rodrigo’s skit rn. Taehyung the main character 🔥.”

Checkout the memes below

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Olivia Rodrigo and Taehyung

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The Olivia Rodrigo and Taehyung end here. Leave us a comment.

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