Okay Fine I Love You More Than My Dogs | TikTok Viral

About the trend: Okay Fine I Love You More Than My Dogs is a new viral TikTok audio named as “idk maybe” by @whosurmom666 on TikTok.

This sound is from the audiobook ‘Nick and Charlie’ by Alice Oseman.

It’s a short story about the characters from the heartstopper graphic novels( + upcoming Netflix show). It’s about two teen boys in a long-term relationship, as one of them prepares to go to university, leaving one behind

It’s about love and support and fears of the future, and it has illustrations. You can get it from Amazon.

Okay Fine I Love You More Than My Dogs

“Nick laughs and wraps his arms around me. ‘Okay, fine, I love you more than my dogs.’ ‘Good.’ ‘I love you more than anyone, actually.’ He says this a little quieter. I move my head out from the crook of his neck so I can meet his eyes. ‘Is that weird?’ he continues, and then huffs out a small laugh. ‘I’m only eighteen.’ ‘I don’t know,’ I say. ‘Maybe.’ It is weird. We both know it’s weird. We both know we’re weird, we’re not like other couples our age. It’s weird that we hang out every single day, it’s weird that we’d rather just be with each other all the time.

Every day we wonder when we’re going to stop feeling like this and get over our teenage relationship. But it never happens. We just keep on going. Because it’s good too. God, it’s so good. ‘I’m weird too,’ I say, because saying ‘I love you more than anyone too’ back to him doesn’t feel quite adequate, even though I honestly love him more than anyone else in the entire world. Nick squeezes me and says, ‘Yeah,’ because he already knows.”


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