Nick and I Are Literally Two Idiots | TikTok Viral

About the trend: Nick and I Are Literally Two Idiots is a new viral TikTok audio named as “we are literally two idiots” by @whosurmom666 on TikTok.

This sound is from the audiobook ‘Nick and Charlie’ by Alice Oseman.

It’s a short story about the characters from the heartstopper graphic novels( + upcoming Netflix show). It’s about two teen boys in a long-term relationship, as one of them prepares to go to university, leaving one behind

It’s about love and support and fears of the future, and it has illustrations. You can get it from Amazon.

Nick and I Are Literally Two Idiots

Nick and I Are Literally Two Idiotsnick and I Are Literally Two Idiots
We Spend the Whole Day Talking About Us
And What’s Going to Be Like
When We’ll Be Long Distance
And It Honestly Only Makes Me Believe
Even Harder That We Are Going to Be Fine
That Everything Is Gonna Be Okay

Nick Drives Me Back Home but I Tell Him
To Drive to His House Instead

We Stay Up Late Just Talking
And Browsing the Internet and Watching Videos
And Talking Again and Laughing
And Dozing Off

I Wonder What It Would Be Like
To Have a Whole Life Like This
I Think It Would Be Pretty Great
Not Gonna Lie


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