Lime Concrete Powder Meme

Best trending Lime Concrete Powder Meme. This meme trend came few days ago and is now flooded over social media.

About the Meme:

A random person on different social media platforms(like TikTok, Reddit, YouTube and many more) has created an account with the name Lime Concrete Powder with profile picture of a Minecraft brick which is lime in color. Also, In several videos, posts in these social media platforms, the same account has commented Lime Concrete Powder in many of the posts.

Following the trend, user’s of these social media platforms are also commenting Lime Concrete Powder on every posts on several social media videos.

Especially on reddit, one of the post which was uploaded 10 hours ago, has over 5500 upvotes and over 350 comments. And most of the comments under that post are Lime Concrete Powder.

How did it went Viral?

The r/teenagers community on Reddit uploaded a post as shown below.

As you see here in the comments section, limeconcretepowder commented lime concrete powder and it went viral like anything.

The Lime Concrete Powder Meme end here. Leave us a comment.

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