Laxmi Chit Fund Meme

Best trending Laxmi Chit Fund Meme. This movie is created Great level of comedy . A movie which can be seen with the whole family together and it is shown by any age group of people. I Couldn’t stop laughing the entire movie. Baburao is one of greatest characters in this movie. Raju,Shyam,Totla Tiwari, Baburao ,muscular man and the tall man, and also the oranotun and so many funny characters are here in this movie.

Phir Hera Pheri is a 2006 Indian comedy film, but it is best comedy movie always for me ,i am not bored to saw this movie many times . Akshay Kumar plays always great acting and comedy. This movie always makes me and my family happy also.

The story starts from Raju who is shown as a smart and clever man and has a never ending his satisfaction level of money and for this he search for earning more money .He finds a company which promises to double the amount invested but requires of minimum amount of 1 crore .For this he arranging money, he meets a person and he says another scam and takes a loan from him and then many of comedy begins from Raju , shyam and Baburao .

The climax in the movie in the circus is the best of the film. Even though the entire exercise looks unbelievable. In the circus, where everyone’s chasing everyone, is truly very funny.It is a good movie ,if you are bored ,then you watched it i think after watching this you will happy and make you smiling 😊, because old is gold

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Laxmi Chit Fund Meme

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