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After claiming that the Hindu God, Lord Ram was born in Thori in southern Nepal and that the real Ayodhya, by virtue of it lies in Nepal and not India, Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is back at it again. And this time it’s not geography; scratch that, actually it is but with a slight twist and turn. On International Yoga Day which was celebrated all over the world yesterday, the PM went ahead and claimed that Yoga did not originate in India but Nepal. There’s more from where that came from.

Talking at the International Yoga Day address, Oli was quoted saying, “Much before the existence of India as a nation, yoga was and has been practiced in Nepal. Yoga did not originate in India. When yoga was discovered, India was not constituted. There was no country like India because there were several fringe states when yoga came into practice in Nepal. So, yoga originated in Nepal or around Uttarakhand…We never gave credit to our sages who discovered yoga…we always talked about this or that professors and their contributions. We could not put our claim rightly. We could not take it across the globe.

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KP Oli Yoga Memes

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