Kim Kardashian Marge Simpson Meme

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Kim Kardashian has revealed the harsh comments that Kanye West said to her after she attended an event in an outfit that he did not style for her.

For years now, Kanye has influenced Kim’s style and has dressed her for hundreds of events. In the past, Kim has explained that Kanye would meticulously choose her outfits, even going as far as to revamp her entire wardrobe in 2012 after saying she had “the worst style”.

Despite their divorce, Kanye recently styled Kim’s entire weekend in New York as she hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time. But after that weekend back in October 2021, it seems the two no longer collaborate on fashion.

In episode 5 of The Kardashians, Kim explains that she’s trying to find out who she is in the fashion world without Kanye’s influence. And after one attempt to do so, Kanye apparently told her that her “career is over,” after seeing an outfit that wasn’t approved by him.

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Kim Kardashian Marge Simpson Meme

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