Keep Your Eyes Closed I Have a Surprise | TikTok Viral

About the Audio: Keep Your Eyes Closed I Have a Surprise is a new viral TikTok audio. This audio has over 90,000 videos on TikTok where most people are using the audio to create funny contents.

About the Audio: The sound is originally from the latest season of iCarly which was released on 2021. Harper – she’s “young, cool, and probably the hottest person you’ll ever meet in real life!” 🔥 Since we’ve met her on the iCarly reboot, Harper has been truly an iconic queen that we can’t help but relate to – so that’s what we did! Here’s all the times Harper was the biggest mood on the new iCarly!

Harper: I have a surprise!!!
Carly: Did you do the dishes?
Harper: I said surprise not miracle!

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