I Wanted to Change My Locks | Amber Heard Meme

During the trial, when Bredehoft asked Amber Heard why she filed for a temporary restraining order, the actress claimed that she wanted to “change my locks” because she wanted a “good night’s sleep.” and further said:

“Security would always let him into the house no matter what I asked them, but I begged them to let me know when he was coming over, no matter how much I begged them not to let him in when he was mad or drunk or high. And I couldn’t sleep. I’d wake up in a panic. I was losing hair. I was losing weight. I got really sick.”

Heard further claimed that she was having panic attacks all the time and was “falling apart.” The Aquaman actress said that she was “very conflicted” because of being “in love” and while also being scared of Depp, “which was tricky.”

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I Wanted to Change My Locks

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