How You Dune Meme

Best trending How You Dune Meme. Dune is the latest movie to get the meme treatment, with the internet clowning about with its name, sandy setting and the weird world of giant sand snakes, hallucinogenic drugs and suits that turn your sweat into drinking water (yum).

Another source of laughter is that the book ridiculously mixes sci-fi names like Leto Atreides and Gurney Halleck with distinctly Earthbound names like Duncan Idaho and Paul.

Quite how much of the film the online comics have watched, however, is debatable. The majority of the memes are about how “Dune” sounds like “doing” or “don’t,” or the fact that there is a lot of sand in the film. Nonetheless, people have managed to mine comedy gold out of these basic elements.

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How You Dune Meme

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