Best trending Ghost of Kyiv Meme. This meme trend came few days ago and is now flooded over social media.

As Ukrainian forces defended their nation against a Russian invasion launched the morning of Thursday, Feb. 24, a meme purporting to show a Ukrainian MiG-29 in the skies above Kyiv spread across the internet, becoming a potent rallying cry for anyone invested in Ukraine’s fight to expel the Russian invaders.

Text above the blurry image of a silhouetted jet in the cloudy sky stated, “Apparently there’s a Ukrainian Fulcrum pilot who’s already chalked off six air to air kills today against Russian forces. 2x SU-35, 1x SU-27, 1x MiG 29, 2x SU-25. He is being called the ‘Ghost of Kyiv.’”

If the claims made are actually true, the so-called Ghost of Kyiv would be the first fighter ace of the 21st century. Coffee or Die Magazine spoke with a US Marine F/A-18 pilot and an Army psychological operations specialist to assess the credibility of the claims made in the meme.

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Ghost of Kyiv Meme

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