Duchess of Argyll Photos

Born December 1, 1912, Margaret Whigham was the only daughter of Scottish businessman and millionaire George Hay Whigham and his wife, Helen Mann Hannay. After graduating from New York, he returned to the UK, where his good looks and status as a heir made him much needed on the social media platform. At the age of 15, she became pregnant with the child of actor David Niven while on vacation on the Isle of Wight, but the pregnancy ended.

He was introduced as the first in 1930, and after falling in love with Prince Aly Khan, pilot Glen Kidston, Baron Martin Stillman von Brabus and his successor, Max Aitken (later King Beaverbrook), and Prince George, Duke of Kent, got engaged. to Charles Greville, 7th Earl of Warwick. Marriage, however, would not have been possible, since she was soon swept to her feet by a wealthy American man, Charles Sweeney, who became her first husband.

Duchess of Argyll Photos

Her Norman Hartnell wedding dress reinforced her position as one of the most glamorous of the time, as it was reported that crowds had gathered to watch it. He became a lifelong protector of the designer, along with Victor Stiebel and Angéle Delanghe.

By the time he married Sweeney, he had three children, one a deceased girl, and a son Brian and a daughter, Frances (who later married the Governor of Rutland), and had eight miscarriages. He also nearly died in a tragic accident while visiting his chiropodist, where he fell into a lift shaft. The couple divorced in 1947, and continued their engagement to Lehman Brothers bankrupt Joseph Joseph Thomas, although they had never been married.

Her second husband – and the head of the BBC’s Scandal in Britain – was Ian Douglas Campbell, the 11th Emperor of Argyll. He married in 1951, Margaret had become very famous as a celebrity and a stylist, and even released a name on Cole Porter’s song, You’re the Top. The marriage did not last long before the breakup, and the governor, suspecting that his wife had been unfaithful, hired a locksmith to break into his private closet while he was in New York. Inside, he found a repository of evidence of his infidelity, including photographs of his Polaroid with another man.

The photos were part of a lawsuit filed by the Duke against the duchess as part of a divorce proceedings, and a list of 88 men accused of having sex with her in the backyard. The case soon became very popular, with Margaret calling the ‘dirty duchess’ and the ‘headless man’ in the widely thought Polaroid images (Sir Winston Churchill’s son-in-law, Duncan Sandys, was one of them. -Polaroid). In filing for divorce, the judge stated that Margaret ‘was a totally immoral woman whose sexual desire could not be satisfied by just a few men. His attitude toward the sanctity of marriage was what modern-day people can call ‘enlightenment’ but in simple terms it was utterly immoral. ‘

After a landmark case he never married again, and he lost much of his wealth in later life. She died at the age of 80 in 1993.

Checkout the Headless Man Photo Polaroid below:

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Duchess of Argyll Photos

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