Drake Hot Sauce Meme

Best trending Drake Hot Sauce Meme. This meme trend came few days ago and is now flooded over social media.

Allegedly Drake and an IG model met up on Instagram, and the two decided to link up a few weeks ago.

They went to a party, then went to his hotel afterwards. They smoked weed for a bit, and he asked if she wanted to have sex. He then went to the bathroom and came out with a condom on.

She said he’s about 7 inches, thick, and cut. They f^cked for about 20 minutes. He mostly hit it from the back and eventually came inside the condom.

Immediately after, he went back into the bathroom to dispose of it.

She fished the condom out of the trash, untied it, and put the opening end into her vgina. She said it felt like pouring hot lava into her p^ssy.

She screamed, and Drake ran into the bathroom. He admitted that he poured a packet of hot sauce in the condom to kill the sperm.

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Drake Hot Sauce Meme

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