Dr Spiegel Meme – Testimony

Best trending Dr Spiegel Meme. This meme trend came few days ago and is now flooded over social media.

Dr. David Spiegel was called to testify as an expert witness for the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp defamation case and it did not take long for the internet to share some Back to the Future memes.

The defamation case is set to end in a couple of days and soon the jury will be hearing a closing statement from both the parties. Amid this, there have been other witnesses who have been called to put forward their viewpoints.

One of them was Dr. Spiegel, a psychiatrist, and a physician. His appearance soon caught the interest of the internet and it did not take long for some references to be made.

Checkout the memes below

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Dr Spiegel Meme

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