Cheese Grater Meme

Best trending Cheese Grater Meme.

The Cheese Grater Image is a reference to a picture of Fender, an anthropomorphic ferret-fox, who has an unknown partner using a a cheese grater as an instrument of sexual gratification on him. It is often regarded and referenced within the furry community as “nightmare fuel”.

On April 20th, 2007, e621 user Arcturus posted an image of an anthropomorphic “ferrox” (part ferret, part fox) named Fender, who is the official mascot of the popular furry fandom website Fur Affinity, and an unknown partner using a cheese grater as a sexual instrument. However, it was originally uploaded on Fur Affinity by furry artist Cbee but was taken down. As of January 2018, the image has a score of -1344 (1629 downvotes).

This meme trend came few days ago and is now flooded over social media. Checkout the memes below.

Cheese Grater Meme

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