Andha Hai Kya Lode Meme

20 best trending Andha Hai Kya Lode Meme. Andha Hai Kya La#de meme originates from the Youtube video named “Ji haan, ye hai khalnayak.” The video uploaded on 29 June 2017 by channel 2 Foreigners In Bollywood portrays the driving of Autowalas in Mumbai, India. It has been viewed by more than 50M on the online video-sharing platform. The meme was first used on 20th June 2020 by a Twitter user @impratiks but the breakthrough came around in the month of January 2021. Checkout the memes below.

Andha Hai Kya Lode Meme Template

Andha Hai Kya Lode Meme

Andha Hai Kya Lode Memes

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